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The captain of the ship "Nord" has the right to leave Ukraine

The captain of the Nord ship, Vladimir Gorbenko, had no restrictions on movement in the territory of Ukraine and abroad, his lawyer Maxim Mogilnicki said.

The captain of the ship "Nord" Vladimir Gorbenko has the right to leave the territory of Ukraine. For this January 31 on Facebook wrote his lawyer Maxim Mogilnicki.

According to counsel Gorbenko, his client did not have restrictions on movement in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

"The preventive measure against Gorbenko was not applied, and the validity of that which was in the form of fulfillment of obligations ended on June 6 last year. The prosecutors failed to justify its continuation," Mogilnicki wrote.

At the same time, the lawyer noted that the captain of the Nord ship was hardly able to leave the territory of Ukraine.

"The only obstacle that prevented him from returning to the family are the flags set up by the SBU at the border, in other words, they simply would not let him out of Ukraine. Just as other crew members were not released," the defense counsel added.

For the loss of Gorbenko, who is suspected of illegal fishing and violation of the procedure for entering the temporarily occupied territory and leaving it, Mogilnicki said January 28th.

Another lawyer, Gorbenko, Alexander Rudenko, filed a statement on the disappearance of the defendant in the Security Service of Ukraine, the office of the public prosecutor and the police. Militian opened production because of his disappearance.

Ukrainian border guards Arrested "Nord" boat from Kerch on March 25 2018 15 miles from the Spit in the Azov Sea. Trawler escorted to Berdyansk, Zaporozhye. The plane had 10 crew members. On March 30, spokesman for the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Larisa Sargan informed him court sanctioning the arrest of "Nord". Members the crew was punished with a fine.

On April 6, the court arrested Gorbenko on suspicion of violating the procedure for entering and leaving the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Later, Captain Nord suggested a new suspicion – in the case of illegal occupation of fish, animals or other ore mines. On April 11, the Kherson court dismissed Gorbenko with personal liability with a ban on visiting Crimea. October 4th the case was sent to court. Gorbenko continued to be in Ukraine.

On April 19, two crew members "Nord" left Ukraine, showing the documents issued to them in the Russian Consulate in Kharkov. On October 30, the press service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Tatiana Moskalkova Seven sailors from "Nord" of the seven Ukrainian sailors on the ship YaMK-0041, detained by the Russian Federation in addition to the Russian Federation Crimea.

The court quashed four times the consideration of the Gorbenko case, the last time – January 10, 2019

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