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the best roles of the Polish actress "Russian Jew

Barbara Brilska - 78: The Best Role of a Polish Actress

The film legend, Polish actress Barbara Brlovska celebrated her birthday on 5 June. The star turns 78 years old.

The actress was born in 1941 in the village of Skotniki near the town of Lodz. For the first time, Barbara starred in a 15-year-old movie – played in the fantastic movie "The Gallows of Happiness". We know him very well from the role of Nadia Shevelyova in "The Irony of Destiny" by Eldar Ryazanov. However, Barbara Brleska played in candid films, in drama and comedy. Barbara Brill's loudest roles.

"The day of the day"

Poland drama. The protagonist of the film is an ambulance doctor, Andrzej Senicki, who remains behind his wife after a heated marriage dispute. Andrzej hides from his colleagues the reason why he remained in the city during the holidays. During a patient visit, he meets a young girl named Grazyna, who establishes a close relationship. Meanwhile, his wife, whose rebellion was short-lived, suddenly returned to Andrzej. He realized at the time he loved his wife, and his passion for Graz was transient, and he, having splashed with her, reconciled with his wife. Barbara played the role of Grasina's sister, after which she began a great film career.


In 1966, Barbara performed the role of priest Kama in the historical drama of Polish director Jerzy Kavalerowicz. The film tells about the life of Pharaoh Ramses XIII, a fearless warrior and a fierce lover. Pharaohs are no longer omnipotent rulers, the treasury is empty. The love of a young Pharaoh for two women does not bring him happiness. His son, born of the Hebrew Sarah, has no right to inherit the throne, the priestess Kama is deprived of the right to body love.

"Anatomy of Love"

Scandalous Polish film, where Brajska plays the role of Eve. The heroine recently bury her husband, with whom he lived for seven years. She did not love him and married on the advice of his mother. At the exhibition, Eva accidentally meets Adam (Jan Nowitzki), stays with her at night, but then does not appear for long. Next comes the crazy joke of love and betrayal, pain and happiness. By the end of the film, the characters literally change places. Few people know, but in explicit scenes where actors were completely naked, Barbara did not like her and asked her partner to wear nylon hooligans.

"The Irony of Destiny, or Enjoy Your Bath"

Four friends went to the bathroom on New Year's Eve, confused and sent a wrong friend to Leningrad. He drunk calls the taxi driver his home address and takes him, but in Leningrad, not in Moscow. Surprisingly, the key went to the lock and Women entered the apartment. Teacher Nadia lives here. And here begins the most interesting.

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