Saturday , April 17 2021

Telescope confirmed: the universe began to spread faster

Telescope confirmed: the universe began to spread faster

Photo: archive KP.RU.

The galaxies are moving away from each other nine percent faster than scientists thought.

Astronomers at Johns Hopkins University have confirmed that the universe is expanding nine percent faster than before. This was imposed by the Nobel Prize Adam Rees study. In 2011, he received a Physics Prize, proving that the enlargement process is taking place more quickly.

Scientists saw the stars of the Great Magellanic Cloud. The Hubble Space Telescope was placed on this galaxy. It turned out that it is moving away from the Milky Way for nine percent faster than it promised. This was written in the Astrophysical Journal Letters magazine.

It is assumed that beyond the galaxy, the faster the speed (every 3,3 million light years, according to estimates, the process should have been accelerated to 67 kilometers per second). It turned out that the megaparsex accelerates at 73 kilometers per second. These are the same nine percent. The discovered laws of physics do not allow this to be explained.

A deviation from the estimated norm was observed in 2016, and in 2018 they were confirmed by the Gaya telescope.

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