Thursday , November 21 2019
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Steinmeier-Maidan participants leave Maidan in Bankova's Cabinet

Participants in the "No Lecture!" Campaign, which began at Independence Square in Kiev, came to the President's Cabinet. Reported by UNIAN.

According to the agency, in Maidan, the protesters stayed for about an hour and then moved to Bangkok. During this time, the number of those who were outraged by the signing of the "Steinmeier formula", according to media reports, slightly increased. By 20:00, the protesters were at least one and a half thousand people.

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On the way to the office, the crowd chanted "Get out!" And after appearing on the spot, she tightened Ukraine's anthem.

Recall, Earth covered the beginning of the rally at Independence Square. Its participants were enraged by yesterday's signing of the Steinmeier Formula, which allegedly testified to Ukraine's defeat and played into the hands of the "Kremlin occupiers".

We also said that those who were dissatisfied with the formula went to Maidan yesterday.

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