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Sledkom Russia resumed the investigation into the murder of Igor Talkov


Sledkom Russia resumed the investigation into the murder of Igor Talkov

Photo: Evguenii Matveev / Russian Look

The victim is now recognized as a widow of the artist, as his mother died.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has announced the resumption of the investigation into the murder of Igor Talkov. In the case of a victim changed. After the death of the artist's mother, he became his widow, Tatyana Talkova. This has been reported in the Ministry's press service.

– The investigation has now met the request of Tatiana Talcov, the widow of Igor Talkova, to be considered a victim because her mother died. After the hearing as victim and defender, the criminal case materials will be presented for review in accordance with art. 42 Code of Criminal Procedure. The investigation is under way, we read in the report.

Recall that Igor Talkov was killed on October 6, 1991 at the Yubileiny Sports Palace.

The accused in the case took Valery & # 39; Shlyafman. In January 1992, Shlyafman left for Israel.


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Death, or rather the murder of singer Igor Talkov – one of the most mysterious crimes at the turn of the Soviet era. There are dozens of witnesses, but whoever pulled the trigger is still not clear. Killing a contract or a fatal accident? Nearly a quarter of a century has passed, but the picture of the incident has not become clearer. The son of the music spoke his version …


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