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Shnurov wrote a song about "smart gas" Sobchak

Shnurov wrote a song about Sobchak's cunning


On the Internet, scandals erupted between the television host and former wife of Konstantin Bogomolov, Darya Moroz.

Leningrad group leader Sergei Shnurov commented on a scandal between hostess Xenia Sobchak and former wife Konstantin Bogomolov, Daria Moroz.

On this subject, the musician composed another song, in which all the devils and attacks on the TV host and politician were written off as "cunning". The creation of the leader of "Leningrad" published in "Instagram".

"I read the news, there's everywhere around Xenia,
I hate other people's underwear,
And in general, in general, is not a professor in this,
But I will do it as an apologist.
Build up love, but it turned out as usual
In the style of rococo around-the-clock.
The directions are different, but the essence is barely,
Whatever it is, all one house two.
Traces-drama-farce in the spirit of "I x * her",
As an actress, I admire her.
Journalist, politician, blogger and mind
All of Russia knows who you are asking.
Stylish and strong of deep calves,
Who can compare with her in the right things?
With the gratitude and love of all
And everywhere, and at all, wisdom brings,
Honestly, from the heart and the eyes waving,
She is not out of malice, only clever-ass. "

Creativity did not appear unnoticed. Sobchak hinted at him in his latest publication, writing about the feedback from his followers "to the best of his talent."

– I am very pleased that my followers give me feedback every day! Everyone is in the best possible talent, but everyone tries: someone will write text, and someone will write songs … I am grateful to everyone! Unfortunately, I can not answer you personally, but your call is very important to us! Do not be offended! Smack, the smell, said a television presenter on her Instagram page.

Recall that the first rumors about Sobchak's romance began with the director Bogomolov, who from 2010 to 2018 was married to Frost. On March 8, a TV host and politician announced the end of the relationship with her husband, Maxim Vittogan.

Subsequently, on March 11, in Probation on Sunday, Sobchak issued an opinion for remission.

– Can he forgive and be able to ask for forgiveness? Only strong, self-confident individuals are capable of this. A petty and petty person always sees humiliation in recognition wrongly, and feels "ruined" if he forgives. Sometimes you sincerely ask forgiveness – and they keep spitting on you. And here is the main test. Quietly wiped and complains to a person who can not handle his ego. And do not insult. The main thing – you made your part of the "work" – the rest is not on your conscience – writes in Instagram.

Then came a response from Frost, in which she reprimanded the leading in vulgarity.

Sobchak also summed up that "dwarf minds have the most disgusting habit of attaching their mercy to others."

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