Saturday , April 17 2021

Repeat the fate of Crete? New shocking design by Hyundai Tucson: AutoMedia: VladTime

The new generation crossover will be very different from today's model.

The Korean company Hyundai is preparing a new Tousson crossover with a "frightening" design. Hyundai San Jupe Lee, vice president of the styling center, in an interview with the engine authority, called the emergence of the upcoming novelty "shocking". Judging by the emergence of a new dream and place, Tucson should not expect similarities with other Hyundai models.

The representative of the Korean company did not publish details of the new Tucson, but clarified that branded model solutions will be noticed only after a detailed review. Also, it did not announce the time of launching the new generation crossover.

Hyundai Tucson could repeat the fate of Crete, whose appearance also shocked many. Obviously, the company decided to make a bold step forward and truly surprise drivers with a new design.

Please note that the Russian public did not meet the new Hyundai Creta as hot. The first crossover previews began to appear on the network, and in the comments the design of the novelty was called "thorough".

Most of the cars got headlights – not everyone thought that two-stage optics is a good solution. In addition, the headlamp design is considered by many to be unsuccessful.

If "Crete" managed to surprise with a design with no intention, then what can we expect from Tucson, whose developers have promised to shock?

Julia Romanov


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