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Quarterly 95 commented on his scandalous firefighting number at Gontareva's house

October 21, 2:44 am

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Evening quarter

The studio's press service considers the quarterback episodes to be "acute political satire, it was, is and will be".

"Even if some politicians don't want it. It is the politicians, their actions and the consequences of their actions that are perceived by millions of Ukrainians that give us reason to satire. We are grateful to the choir named after Rupee, and we regret that the honorable team is unknowingly exposed to an information attack. The team was not involved in writing the material, so please respect it, "the studio said.

Separately, the studio turned to officials and politicians who criticized the arson room at Gontareva's house.

In particular, the quarter referred to Vladimir Borodianski, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports and Timofey Milovanov, Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture.

"Mr. Vladimir (Borodian – Ed.), Thanks for the reaction. We invite you to the next recording of "The Evening Quarter" to tell why you are ashamed and what you are not. We also address the Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Timofej Milovanov. We wish you success, economic leap and more investors. But if something goes wrong, you can safely blame us. I agree, from the standpoint of economics, such theses will sound very reasonable: due to the joke of the Evening Quarter comedians, the hryvnia has fallen by five times, "Ukraine's external debt is growing in the same proportion as Yevgeny Koshev's face," the report said. .

At Studio 95, they believe it "our humor is our main weapon and as long as our weapon is sharp and sharp, we will be proud to do our job. "

Previously, participants of the 95th quarter in the last issue of their evening show on Channel 1 + 1 along with the choir. The ropes mocked in the song the arraignment of the house of former National Bank of Ukraine chairman Valeria Gontareva.

The former head of the Vedas himself called the issue a shame.

After that, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Vladimir Borodianski apologized to Gontareva for participating in the Chorus Chorus scandal

Economy Minister Timothy Milovanov said the 95th quarter for Gontareva negatively affected the investment climate in Ukraine.

In turn, oligarch Igor Kolomoiski, who owns 1 + 1, praised the number 95 from the quarter.

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