Wednesday , September 22 2021

Podrostok killed a girl in Harcove: a cynical confession – video

17-summer run-up to the deadly 25-year homicide of Shevchenko from Sharkova, Daniel Redin has been spreading a cynical affair, slaughtering shockwaves all over the court.

By ego I agree, here's a burial of crosses and rags: there come the next crows. But the crescent three days, when it was over, he unearthed the echoes, which then came to fruition. Obtain as soon as you speak "The best news".

Predictably, what is more his own vignette is not recognized, and ego lawyer appeals to European conventions in my head and made: Danilia нельзя отправлять в SIZO. He – a 2-year-old student in college and obliged to study, what constitutes ego constitutional law.

A 17-year-old submarine has been charged with murder

A 17-year-old submarine has been charged with murder

What a word impelled babushku to kill us. "What the fuck, what? And what is the right to protect? The one lying in the ground.

How about OBOZREVATEL, the first time you ever had a courtesy in the yard and told about the murder details of a 25-year-old murder.

Jimmy! Sign it! Read Tolko Luncheon!

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