Wednesday , June 16 2021

petrol is already cheaper, autogas is next in line

For two weeks, the cost of reference types of oil fell by almost a third.

The January futures for the North Sea oil mix with the Brent brand at 9 am Kiev dropped to 65.34 USD per barrel.

At Ukrainian gas stations, gasoline prices dropped slightly, while average diesel and autogas prices remained stable.

"It's the biggest fall since 2014".

This was announced by the head of the A-95 consulting group, Sergey Kuyun.

"The wholesale market is the first to respond to global trends."

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018. In Kiev, retail prices of gasoline and diesel oil dropped significantly compared to the previous trading day.

According to him, the decline in retail prices can be traced at the beginning of November. During this period, large operators reduced price lists by 1 UAH / l, while the average market rate amounted to around 65 kopecks / l.

Diesel started to fall in price a bit later – from November 5, and currently the retail price of this type of fuel has dropped by 55 kopecks / liter. Today, the potential price drop by 1.5 UAH. What's more, gas is stronger than light oil products subject to the seasonal factor, and in winter the consumption of this type of fuel drops sharply. But during the week it may fall to UAH 14 / l. The reason for the drop in the retail gas price is the same – from the beginning of November import quotations of raw materials dropped by one third.

As noted in "A-95", the average market here gas price It reaches almost 16 UAH / l. According to the BBC, oil is getting cheaper because of its excess in the market.

Gasoline aimed at 30 hryvnia of the expert sounded optimistic

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