Saturday , October 23 2021

Paralyzed father Anastazja Wołochkowska was abused to abuse his wife


Anastasia Volochkova found herself in the center of the scandal: it turned out recently. that the ballerina sent her father to the guesthouse. Ten years ago, Jury Fiodorowicz Wołoczkow experienced two strokes due to which the entire right side of his body was paralyzed. The 69-year-old man can not speak and is moved in a wheelchair.

Now father Volochkov is in a specialist guest house under the supervision of doctors all day and night. Recently, the USSR champion in table tennis and the honored Russian team coach for the first time in a long time was able to get up from the wheelchair!

As it turned out. in the guesthouse Anastasia sent her father because. that there is full repair in his apartment. The flat was in poor condition after she lived with her daughter, her father's civil wife, Volochkov.

On the air of the program "New Russian feelings "on NTV turned out. What is Elena?. civilian wife of father Anastasia. with time, she began to mock an unarmed man and even beat him!

"It is. what I saw – I saw myself. She hit him in the face. She threw out parcels around the store. naturally. he did not keep them. and they fell. and the eggs broke down. Then she hit him, "said the concierge at home.. in which the couple lived.

But. Elena herself rejects this information: "I feel sorry for him, yes, yes. I can get up and leave. Anastasia proposed to hire a guardian from neighboring countries. who would live here. But I will not allow it. I will do everything. so he was still alive. He can not be strangers to Yura. "

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