Sunday , April 18 2021

Nelly Cobson touched the public at the Moscow Film Festival

The opening ceremony of the 41st Moscow International Film Festival became a meeting place for many celebrities. Russian stars appeared on the carpet in the most luxurious and elegant dresses.

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Among the guests at the event were actresses Ekaterina Klimova, Elizaveta Bojarskaya, Anna Kilkevich, Elena Zakharova, Maria Kozhevnikova and many others. The 68-year-old widow of Joseph Kobzon Nelly did not miss the moment to tremble at social events.

The woman entertained the guests at night with her beauty and a refined way. For the event, she chose a brown, elegant crystal coat, which was in the taste of many secular ladies. According to MK.RU, celebrities appreciated Nelly Kobson's sense of style, and even decided that over the years she was just more beautiful.

TASS / Gabriel Grigorov

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