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Nastya Kamenski was embarrassed by the bad habits: "When will you stop biting your nails?"

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenski began to bite the nails of the photographs. It was in this format that subscribers began to laugh at it because they were constantly on the pictures of the mouth

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenski, currently performing under the creative pseudonym NK, continues to admire the fans with new songs and videos, as well as photos with her instagram page. This time, the Ukrainian singer announced on her social network page a picture on which she presents in an unusual way, reports "I know".

Thus, in the photo, which appeared on the page of Nastya Kamensky, she appeared to the public with the so-called. boy. The singer takes a picture of her in the mirror, while her hand is attached to her mouth, so she seems to bite her nails, this is exactly what the fans of the star have noticed. Nastya has black leather skins and a long black brass mask with a bird's stamp on her stomach. On her head is a black hat, under which you can see loose hair.

In the title of the photo, Nastya Kamensky wrote: "What an interesting and emotional day! Remember, if you dream more and work hard – all your dreams will come true! Thank you for your pleasant and cozy shirt." Fans did not remain indifferent and began to actively talk for the new publication on the site with the stars. Fans fall asleep as a star, although they are not accustomed to seeing it in such a role. Some ask her to stop biting her nails.

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"The best", "Nastya, do not bite your nails!" "Nastja, do not bite your nails!", "How nice, Nastya in the lid of Potap", well, do not bite your nails, "" Well, do not bite your nails! "," Beauty "," Bandit "," Fuck "," Pretty Woman "," You Are Sexy "," God, I thought it was Sedok ", you promised that I would not bite my nails", – Nastya Kamenski.

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According to Politeka, Nastja Kamenski shocked the fans with a new bathing suit.

Also Politeka writes that Kamenski was stirred by rumors of the novel by Potap

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