Saturday , April 17 2021

Michelin and GM reported silent tires. Mass launch – in 2024

Michelin and General Motors have introduced a new generation of tires without airbags called the prototype of Michelin Uptis. GM plans to install it on its cars starting in 2024.

According to companies, Uptis Prototype offers significant potential for reducing environmental damage from cars:

  • Reduce the number of hacked or damaged tires that fall into landfills.
  • Reducing the use of raw materials, energy for production. Like carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere during production.
  • The need for spare tires will disappear, which means that they should produce 20% less.
  • Humorous tires have more power, respectively, they will need to produce less.

There are advantages to users because such wheels do not need to be serviced, regularly check the pressure and check for damage.

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