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Maxim Galkin released a fun video in which his five-year-old Lisa and Harry seek wealth

23:40, 21.11.2013

The humorist asked subscribers to wait for the end of the video and pay attention to Lisa's last sentence.

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Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin regularly publish entertainment videos with their children. 5-year-old twins Lisa and Harry have become true stars of Instagram – videos with celebrities get millions of views in a few hours. Spouses try to fully develop their children, so their day is literally painted up to a minute: children visit an elite French kindergarten, play sports and teach songs. But they also have time for games. Today, Maxim, in his instagram microblog, has released another video with the succession in which Lisa and Harry play pirates and seek wealth. "The pirate home report. The main phrase in the final" – the artist intrigues subscribers.

Maxim Galkin released a fun video in which his five-year-old Lisa and Harry seek wealth

"Of course Madagascar!" – Lisa yells loudly, raising a toy telescope on her eye. "And what are we going to do there?" Harry asks. "Let's find a fortune?" – suggests the sister. The brother agrees with enthusiasm, and the children began to look. The award is a casket featuring a phone, bracelet, paper clips, stickers and a carnival mask that immediately attracts Lisa's attention. "Wow, you! What a wonderful thing," the girl is happy. "And if it's stolen?" Alien? "- interested in Alla Borisovna." Nothing is alien. This is an old treasure, "Lisa's objects." But maybe this was really stolen? "Her brother doubted" Harry, let's play it as if it was not stolen! "- Sucks his sister, Fans once again enthusiastically responded to the video and noticed that the girl is very similar to her star: "Who is a clear and clear voice in Lisa. Genes will not be silenced with a finger! "

Harry and Lisa Galkini

Add that Maxim Galkin began to publish a video with the participation of Lisa and Harry, so that the paparazzi lost their desire to follow with his wife and children. Indeed, as soon as more videos with the participation of children began to appear in the showman's microblogging, the journalists' interest disappeared.

While Maxim travels to America, Alla Borisovna deals with children. Like her husband, Prima Donna regularly places her in the sharing of footage with microblogging with the twins. In early November, she announced a touching video in which Harry and Lisa find out who among them is more like their famous mother. A bit later, Diva caught a video as Lisa overcame the hoop. By the way, in one of the interviews, Galkin said that he does not remove children by spoiling their will and will immediately cease shooting if children start to be capricious.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children

Recall that Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva got married seven years ago. After the picture, the singer satisfied her husband with the news that they may have shared children. It turned out that Diva froze her biomaterial when she was 52 and she could still conceive a child. As a result, the couple resorted to the services of a surrogate mother, who on September 18, 2013 gave birth to twins. Recently, Lisa and Harry celebrated their first anniversary – they turned to 5 years. Noisy party on the occasion of the holiday took place in one of the fashionable restaurants of Rublevka, where many famous guests gathered. It was reported that Pugachev and Galkin spent about 4 million rubles for the celebration.

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