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Lilia Podkopayeva showed a photo with her newborn daughter

Ukrainian gymnast Lilia Podkopayeva, who once won athletic heights, became the mother of many children

Despite the obvious age-related changes in appearance – the woman looks great and spoils the fans with personal shots. writes about this on Instagram's fame.

So, in the new photo released, Lilia Podkopayeva has a little daughter in her arms:

"If anyone ever tells you that carrying a baby in your arms, chest on demand or sleeping together can ruin a baby, give this wonderful quote from Mr. Gift's book Life for Life. Gonzalez 💗 •
…. It is impossible to spoil a child, to spoil, paying too much attention. They spoil children in a completely different way. They get spoiled when beaten, insulted, tortured by them and ignored to cry. On the contrary, to pay attention to the child, to hold him in his arms, to cuddle, to calm down, to talk to him, to kiss, to smile, to raise the child well and very properly. ", Fame signed the photo.

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Fans have mostly backed the famous Ukrainian woman and write that children need affection – all this is never too much.

In the picture, the spectacular mother Podkopayeva poses in a simple T-shirt, she also has a stylish frame, has a daughter on her hands – the girl was born on September 19, 2019.

Remember too, Lilia's girlfriend didn't have time – celebrity singer Annie Lorak was looking forward to her new happiness as a new scandal broke out on the network. As it turned out, not only is the showbiz world small and new passion Ani Lorak is the ex-husband of Ukrainian singer TAJANA, but he is also the "ex" who offends women, cheating and sinning by attacking the weaker sex.

"Accusations" are just facts in life, says Annie Lorak's new friend's ex-wife, Jegor Gleb, singer TAJANANA, Lorak's new boyfriend has a disgusting reputation as a cheater:

"The family life of musicians TAJANA and Jegor Gleb lasted three years, they divorced a few years ago."

Tayana candidly admitted:

"They betrayed me, and not once, my husband. I know what it is. And to this day I cannot forgive, even though we no longer live together. "

Then her husband not only slandered and defended her faithfulness, but also beat the singer:

"This is probably the biggest wound a woman can have. Besides, I still don't know how to "clean" everything by myself. Because I was engaged in various spiritual practices, meditations, but I understand that I have not yet been relieved of this pain, of this resentment. She still lives in me. "

belly, undermining

The couple has maintained a "friendly" relationship with the brand over their 6-year-old son Daniel:

"Relationships should be friendly, because the child is not to blame for the fact that the parents separated. The child must understand that there are both mother and father. "

Recall that Ukrainian singer Annie Lorak posted a photo of the red carpet at the award ceremony of one of the Russian music awards on the network. It is noteworthy that tonight's exit of the singer happened this time with her daughter Sofia.

The singer wore a spectacular black dress with a frank neckline – her shoulders were open, her breasts partially visible. In the picture, Annie Lorak smiles and hugs her daughter. The girl was also dressed in black classics – but her dress in the picture can not be seen.

"With my little princess …" the performer signed the photo.

Stylish accessories complemented Caroline's image – so one of them – a massive short necklace around her neck – gave the singer a special piquancy. Ali Lorak laid her hair in a carefree wave. In general, the singer's image proved to be picturesque, but many fans found it quite frank to go out with a child.

Recall, Annie Lorak has changed over her confession after divorce

According to Politika, Annie Lorak has been hiding her illegitimate son for a long time.

Politika also wrote that Annie Lorak surprised her with a round belly

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