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Klopp wants to watch games from six teams –

Liverpool coach Jürgen Kloppe called the team whose games he wants to watch in his spare time.

Jurgen Klop, Getty Images

Jurgen Klop, Getty Images
April 26, 2019 13:59

In response to the question whether he had enough time just to watch football for his own pleasure, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp called six teams, whose game he likes as a disinterested spectator.

"I'm always trying to watch the games from Borussia D, because I am very much connected with this team," said Clop at a press conference before the game ahead of the Huddersfield fight. "The same goes for Mainz although this is not just mine the former team, but also in the fact that I like the style of Sandro Schwartz, who joined in. For the teams with which I am not connected to anything, I get pleasure from the games of Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Tottenham and Werder. "

On Friday, April 26, Liverpool will try to beat Hudfield F1 and to win first place in the Premier League. Start at 22:00 Kiev time. You can follow the progress of the competition through textual online broadcasting

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