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K dispersed muskichi in Chievo RF – X-nardep Mosilchuk

Two Caucasian snowstorms swallow pests and run off in trams on Degtyarevsky Street



Bishop's Deputation Verkhovna Radi Igor Mosichuk resurrected them a dead, resurrected shooting in Chievo.

As soon as the X-Deputation wrote on its Facebook page.

"Unforgettable hour back in downtown Chieva moskovskim agnatami from the firearm killing assassin Arslan Guseynov, the suspect in the Caucasus anti-Kremlin movement. Last time," – wrote Mosilchuk.

Such details are available in

"Double muzhchin kavkazskoй vneshnosti sovershili pяtь vыstrelov and injured per person in validation facilities tramvaev the streets Degtяrevskoй. In Investigation strelьbы ranenый destruction in bolьnice, spustя hour after proisshestviя. After chego prestupniki skrыlisь of Chernova Toyota Camry with nomerami AH2531EO in storonu stations Metro" Lukьяnovskaя " Daewoo Lanos registration number. Zolumышленники armed. Police entered the operational plan "Mermaid". – rooftop in traffic.

Remember, in Chievo on the resurrection evening on the street of the Dogarevsky shot dead, from the semi-trailer on the trail in the hospital.

They wound up in Chievo on a railroad track inhabit Chernivtsi areas, further killing homicides and young sisters. Snowshoe, the boat has replaced the next, it has moved to Bukovinu and opened the stool. Police disbanded 20-year-old Kitzman's orphanage on Oct. 3 after being convicted of two counts of aggravated assassination. During a personal encounter with him a knife was thrown at him.

Note, unnaturally in the Kitzman Chernivtsi districts there was a double murder. The police recovered a body of porezams and cinnamon – a 40-year-old woman and a nightmare. Ih found her in the yard, in the yard, where she was experiencing the seeds.

In this case, we have the following:

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In this case, we have the following:

Remember, the breaking news "Segodnya" reported on the volume, which resupplied in the Ukraine, but they are exaggerated. I have analyzed the statistics of the GPU, which is low, that is, the pressure on the chassis, and the speed of cleaning the millennium grenades.

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