Friday , April 16 2021

Julia Startova died :: Shoubiz ::

The singer made a sign in the Holy Week. And this is obviously not just a coincidence.

Only a few people had a dream for Julia Primalova on the 40th day after her death. And this is clearly a sign from above. Singers, journalists, stylists – many of those who spoke with the singer say they saw her in a dream. According to them, she was brilliantly beautiful and smiled.

And the journalist who was known for taking part in a hateful talk show, which many times wrote for the "Start" and interviewed her, completely acknowledged that the singer twice called him in a dream. "She pulled her hands towards me and convinced me that it was good now that she did not know the pain and the fear that I should follow her," said "Days. correspondent. – I do not know how to interpret this sign because I am sick and frightened myself. But, in any case, I will commission a prayer service for Julia and I will put a candle in the temple. "

The esoteric man explained this strange dream: "Such visions often arise when a person misses the support of the loved ones. Famous friends and relatives in a dream always warn about something real life. Therefore, fear that the advent of the spirit of the deceased does not worth it. "

Recall, Julia Natalova died on March 16 as a result of blood poisoning. A 38-year-old actress has discovered a whole group of diseases: gout, diabetes, general anorexia defect. The singer was buried on March 21 at the Trokeourov cemetery in the capital. Her last trip was her family, friends, colleagues and fans. Designer Anika Kerimova assures that after her death, Julia's soul went to heaven, – The beginning was clean and bright during her life.

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