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Jolie left five children without inheritance, and Depp married a young model


Paraphrasing the well-known proverb, we can say that if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not divorce, they should have been conceived – as a warning to other couples about how to divorce is not necessary. Perhaps in Hollywood one day they will make a film about it – not so grotesque as "War of the Rose", but rather instructive. In addition, the role in it can be distributed now.

You never know how it will end. Pit is sure, and Jolie – very modest. Photo: Worldemand

Judging by what the media write, Jolie proved to be an iron woman (or simply having good lawyers) and "squeezed" everything possible out of the situation. At first, Pete was accused of alcoholism (and a rare person would not drink in such a situation) and on the basis of it was deprived of the right to communicate with the children he loved. (And they have a pair of six). At the same time, it is quite possible that Pitt missed not only the question – he was still devoid of this way to find out how to do it, and to invent the subject.

Then, using Brad Pitt's desire to see children, it seemed that they were getting whatever they wanted financially – they had to give money for their maintenance until the age, that is, up to 21 years and in court. That is, trying to get from Jolie any concessions in terms of communicating with children in exchange for the money they can not. And Pete needs a concession, because after a humiliating procedure, when he proved that he had stopped drinking, and was allowed to see the children, Jolie does not always give him this opportunity.

And yesterday a new shock – as the media writes, Jolie decided to leave her entire heritage and her own production company (all together worth over $ 100 million) to her eldest son Madox, defeating all five other children. Of course, it's too early to talk about a legacy, but the fact that the company will soon cross over to Maddox is quite real.

This couple is also not aware of what will be the final. Photo: Twitter

It is reported that Pit, after learning about this, was insensitive. The fact is that Madox was the only one of the six children who fully supported Jolie's decision to divorce, and even, according to the media, "he hates Pitt." Thus, Jolie, who one day, perhaps, was tired of waging a war with her ex-husband, handed her a command in the right hands in years to come. The calculation was mathematically correct, and if it is not a hint of the actress's lawyers, but her own decision, she is a great manager.

With Johnny Depp everything turned out to be the opposite. Since Amber Heard has no such strain of pressure on him, like Jolie and Pete, he gives them sensitive injections from time to time. (By the way, Depp has a wonderful relationship with his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children). For example, the court destroys the story of Herd about how her irresponsible husband repeatedly beat her. Yes, Hurd will get money from Depp, but he always behaved negatively.

Elder Depp, his younger wife. Photo:

And now in this new "War of the Rose" another sensitive injection was made. The 55-year-old Depp intends to marry a 20-year-old model, according to Western media, of Russian origin (according to other sources, she was born in Kazan) Polina Glen, who two years ago left for the United States and already lives with Depp in her castle of the Zaitset icon. Boulevard.

That is, he married, roughly speaking, the same thing that he married, making the proposal of Amber Heard – a young freshness and beauty. And thus it makes it clear to his ex-wife that her replacement is quite easy. It is possible, of course, that Hurd does not care, but then she is the only woman.

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