Tuesday , June 22 2021

Jaguar Land Rover has been trained to "communicate" with lights

The Jaguar Land-Rover car brand is equipped with a system that allows "communicate" with traffic lights.

Jaguar Land-Rover vehicles have learned to communicate with traffic lights on the roads thanks to the new GLOSA technology. According to experts, it will give you the opportunity to unload local roads. The creators equipped several models with GLOSA technology and conduct research on public roads. The equipment can prevent cases in which the driver is intentionally accelerated to catch the intersection with the green flash in time.

The Jaguar Land-Rover technology introduces GLOSA – a set of telematics systems that receive information about the work of traffic lights, and then suggest to drivers the optimum speed at a particular time, especially when approaching pedestrian crossings, intersections and jams. For this car equipped. The developers want to provide vehicles with a system that ensures interaction between the machine and the infrastructure. The total amount of money invested in technology development is 20 million pounds.

Testing takes place as part of the UK Autodrive state project, which will provide the opportunity to accelerate the development of future unmanned technologies and communication systems with Jaguar Land-Rover. The meaning comes from the name: the electronics receive a switching schedule from the traffic lights and gives the driver a hint as to how quickly to go to the green "window" without stopping.

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