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In Kiev, armed with arrow – news Kiev

Fixed an unexpected stuck in a chair – and a machine

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To the world in chieva zadrzaliju musu, food at home arsenal of weapons and weapons, and some lawnmowers have been found to be injured in the collision, in the firing of weapons and grenades.

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Thu, at 12 noon on Oct. 13 on the street Dabolotnogo went to the tabloid factories patrol police left a Ford Focus car. Donut car is a polycarbonate scarf with a bow, cut in the chisel. Thanks for the operative work, the lifeguards have trademarked, modeled and numbered cars, on kotorom srыlyis ст arrows. During his time at the police station, he was a guide and a passerby.

Crome Togo, in-car salon weapons, pre-loaded shotguns, shotguns, two RGD-5 grenades and a C-1.

On the job site around the police station, police, media and media.

As reported "Segodnya", 4 october in Chievo's triple-masted mascot drama. Emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene of the incident, and police issued an Operational Plan "Siren" in the area.

Video: Kiev Operativn

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