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Ilon Musk showed a photo of Tesla's future pickup on Twitter / New time

At the presentation of the crossover Tesla Model Y was a hidden picture of the future of the electric pickup. As few noted this, head of the company Ilon Musk released a photo of the car on his Twitter.

After the presentation of the new Tesla Model Y electrocross, the Californian company decided to check the audience for attention: after the completion of the performance, Ilona Mask included the soundtrack from the movie "Blade Runner" for the audience.

As it turned out later, music should not kill the silence after a long-awaited presentation. A minute from the start of the song, a fantastic movie poster broke the picture of the future of the Tesla electric pickup truck.

Since very few people have paid attention to this, Musk published a photo and expounded such a "Easter egg" on his Twitter account.

"In about a minute, we caught a photograph of the truck on Tesla trucks," the company's chief executive said.

Fans of Tesla and Ilona Maska had to assume that the Blade Runner soundtrack was not included just like that. Earlier, Musk said that the development of the design for the future of the pickup, he was inspired by this particular film.

"Personally, I am delighted with this pickup truck," said the spokesman. "This is what I've been waiting for a long time and it looks like the superfuturizing cyberpunk I really loved." "If the car does not like the audience, I think we will make a more traditional truck in the future, I'm really fired, "Mashk said in an interview with Redod.

The entrepreneur also said that the design of the pickup "is fueling his heart", will have a lot of titanium and, despite the fact that the model can not find a wide response from customers, the company plans to start production of cars and remove gas and diesel – aggregates from the roads.

The prototype of the Tesla electric mini-truck will appear in 2019.

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