Sunday , April 18 2021

Hugh Grant for a complex of inferiority – details

The actor admitted that he was old for shooting

A famous actor Hugh Grantwho decided last year to marry for the first time, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, told why he at some point rejected his role in romantic comedies.

According to Hugh Grant, roles in the Romans have developed a complex of inferiority. And he managed to deal with it only by refusing to shoot.

"I got too old, ugly and fat to do this, so now I do other things and I hate myself less," Grant said.

Grant also noted that he is not ashamed of all his roles in the Roma. At the same time, he acknowledged that it is necessary not to be afraid to act in completely different projects. Then, perhaps, his career would have been different.

"I had a lot of money to work, I was very lucky, I am not ashamed of the many romantic comedy I was playing with. I believe that the actor's task is to entertain … Although I had to make other offers, I tried different things. row ", – Hugh Grant.

It should be noted that in Hugh Grant's filmography about 15 romantic comedies, including "Four Weddings and Funerals" (Four Weddings and Funeral), "Bridget Jones Diary", "Notting Hill" (Notting Hill) and others.

Recall that in 2018, Hugh Grant became the father for the fifth time.

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