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how much Uber will spend on paying drivers before the IPO – Finance

For good work, drivers will receive from 100 to 40 thousand dollars.

$ 300 million

plans to spend a desire to pay for drivers to the IPO

This is stated in the company's documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States.

One-off payments will be received from more than 1.1 million wishers worldwide.

In the United States, drivers will receive from 100 to 40 thousand dollars, depending on the number of completed trips all the time in the company. In order to get a bonus, the driver had to fill at least 2.5 thousand orders, and the maximum prize could be obtained for 40 thousand orders.

Also, drivers must have a good reputation. The fee outside the United States will be adjusted for the average income in each region in each region.

In addition, Uber is reserved for drivers to 5.4 million ordinary shares (or up to 3%). Drivers who are entitled to compensation will be able to exchange payment for the company's paper at the price of accommodation – $ 44-50 per share.

Uber plans to encourage some drivers for good work ahead of the IPO in February 2019, Wall Street Journal reported. However, the amount and the amount of the fee were not called.

For a maximum price offer, Uber's estimate before entering the stock market will amount to $ 83.8 billion. Overall, Uber will issue about 180 million shares, planning to raise at least $ 9 billion during an IPO. The exact date of the initial public offer is not called.

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