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Honor Band Honey Band 5i with unobtrusive "plug and charge" design, with USB port on the back

Honor Band 5i unbranded fitness bracket with unobtrusive "plug and charge" design, which offers USB port access

Unlike the Honor Band 5's bracelet, it is officially three months away, and the company has just announced a new Honor Band 5i in plug and charge design. Anones walked around with his Honor 20 Lite smartphone.

The brilliant fitness Xiaomi Mi Band and Honor Band at their very own means, as a capsule of income and a move to the next level of income, as well as income.

Tim, which actively fulfills not only the expected activities, but also the half-timed, revenue sharing that is sufficiently regular. Widows, bundles or packages of complex revenue generating ego analogs, such as micro-USB and other widespread distribution, on the go or a college dock are not that simple.

Honor Band 5i Fitness Bracelet Solve No Problem With Special Constructions – Powerful Knitting, Winning Cordless Caps And Inserting A Standard USB Device. TAKIM EDUCATION zráadit braslet possible budet not only from the practical telephone luggage, but also from notebooks, powerbanks and so on.

Model Honor Band 5i has a resolution of 0.96-pixel TFT display with a resolution of 160 × 80 pixels, which is the default image size of an AMOLED matrix. Double-sided sensor sensors in the lower reaches of the screen, up to 30 characters in a timely, timely, low-resolution pre-existing cipher.

Gadget Utilize Exercise Pulse (TruSeen 3.5) and SpO2 Oxygen Therapy, results in fitness and fitness activity (9 modes), and it manages music output. He is capable of smoothly gliding around 50 meters. Out of battery life 91 mAc bracelet can work 7-9 days depending on conditions of service.

Sell ​​Bracelet Honor Band 5i starting 1 November 2019 for $ 22 (¥ 159), available in affordable Meteorite Black, Olive Green or Coral Pink.

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