Saturday , April 17 2021

Green's inauguration: forecast is predicted – news of Ukraine

Bookmaker Favorit Sport accepts bets on the place of the inauguration of the future president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenski, as well as the likelihood of impeachment or resignation of the president within the first 100 days after taking office.

According to the data, it was found that the most likely stage for the inauguration is the Verkhovna Rada – a coefficient of 1.05. But there are also more non-standard options, the likelihood that Zelenski will choose another place for the celebration is 3.00.

Less realistic alternatives are: Independence Square (Maidan) – factor 5.00 and Mariinsky Palace – 7.00. The most ghostly chances to see the ceremony of NSC "Olympic" – 10.00.

Favorit Sports experts also propose to predict several ironic inaugural results that have taken place before. For example, will the soldiers of the guard of glory be gone or will close the doors of the Verkhovna Rada before Vladimir Zelenski? For both of these options, the company offers a ratio of 7.00 and 10.00, respectively.

Regarding the possibility to withdraw or to abolish Zelensky in the first 100 days after taking office, bookmakers are surprised that this option is more likely than unforeseen events during the inauguration. So, to predict this outcome is proposed by a factor of 5.00.

But in the commentary of OBOZREVETE, a specialist of sports favorites, however, he noticed this the likelihood of resignation or impeachment is below average.

"If we take a 100% scale, then, most likely, such an outcome is unrealistic. With other rates we can conditionally play with a factor of 7.00, but this happens very rarely, and here the probability is not high," the bookmaker said.

As reported by the OBLIGATOR, in the second round of presidential elections Vladimir Zelenski did not leave Petro Poroshenko's chances for re-run for a second term, winning more than 73% of Ukrainian voters' votes.

Green recently announced that the CEC deliberately tries to postpone its inauguration, and thus disables the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. The CEC considers these allegations unfounded.

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