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Green approved the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PA, but thinks about the head of the SBU

Vladimir Zelenski is determined by the first appointments under the presidential quota.

One source from Zelenski's team told the country that the foreign ministry could be led by Vadim Pristko, former deputy Klimkin.

The leader of the presidential administration will be Ivan Bakanov, leader of the People's Party Service.

Two candidates are considered for the post of head of the SBU.

The first one is a deputy from Batkivshchina, Vladislav Buharev, and the second one is Oleg Kozlovski, head of the Operational Support Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is – a man Avakov.

At the same time, Oleksandr Turchinov wants to remain secretary of the NSRC (the president appoints this position).

True, sources in the future president's team say this is not the final final meeting, the various candidates are being discussed and the situation can be changed by the time of the inauguration.

"Earth" understood what is known about these people.

Opponent Immortal regiment and owner of houses. Vadim Pristajko

This personnel diplomat is now at the helm of the Ukrainian national team in NATO. By 2017, he was the second in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the first deputy of Pavel Klimkin.

Pristajko comes from the Odessa region. Interestingly, he has no specialized diplomatic education. In the 90s, graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the Foreign Trade Academy.

The Pristina Ministry of Foreign Affairs came from a neighboring agency – the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations in 1997. From the main appointments – to the cadet of Yanukovych, Pristajko was the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, where he met with Euromedan.

However, in 2014, Pristaiko climbed to a career.

Judging by his interviews gathered on the side of the Ukraine's mission to NATO, the diplomat was a fairly loyal supporter of the course of Petro Poroshenko. For example, he opposed the NATO referendum and said that without him:

"The issue of the referendum will not be much in common with the course of Ukraine towards NATO itself," Pristajko said. Keep in mind that the referendum for joining the Alliance is a program item in Zelensky.

Vadim Pristajko. Photo "Ukrinform"

At the same time, the diplomat called for resolving this issue with Hungary, which requires ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine to be given the opportunity to teach children in their mother tongue. Otherwise, in his opinion, Ukraine will not receive an action plan for membership in the Alliance. He also said that the introduction of NATO in the Constitution will not change anything in the process of movement towards the Alliance.

"On the one hand, yes – something is needed (Ukrainization of education – Note Red). It's like insurance from the fifth column of the Kremlin. On the other hand, what is changing it? In the end, only reforms bring us closer to NATO, "the diplomat said last year.

There are other markers of the views of the diplomat on various issues of life on earth.

Thus, on the eve of the celebration of Victory Day, Vadim Pristaj expressed his negative attitude towards the action of the Immortal Regiment. He reproached the marchers because he did not know whose portraits were wearing.

"I will take this march more positively if people bring pictures of their grandfathers who actually fought and died during the war. The idea of ​​carrying only archival photos is questionable, people often do not know whose faces are displayed. the history itself. These people are used for political purposes – and this is even more dangerous, because it has nothing to do with respecting the memory of the dead, "Pristajko said.

The future foreign minister has two sons – Vladimir and Andrej.

What's in it. According to the declaration, the Pristaiko family has six apartments in Kiev, which are decorated for the future minister and his wife. Three of them were bought by Euromaidan, already under the new government.

Also in 2017, the Ukrainian representative in NATO bought the new BMW X1 for 750 thousand hryvnia.

Interestingly, one of the many apartments Pristayko rents to people's deputy "Batkivschiny" Alexey Ryabchin – in the past year he paid his wife to the future minister 240,000 rent.

Secretary of the NSSD. Alexander Turchinov?

NSSD Secretary Alexander Turchinov wrote a letter of resignation on Friday and announced it on the Internet.

"Regarding the termination of the powers of the President of Ukraine, who appointed me to the post, I request you to consider the termination of my powers as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in accordance with the legislation. In view of the continued armed aggression of The Russian Federation against Ukraine, I am ready any military unit or military unit to further protect our country, "- said in a statement.

In fact, according to sources in the NSDC for "Land", Turchinov seriously expects to remain in office under President Zelensky.

"Alexander Valentinovic believes that it is a very important figure for the Ukrainian statehood to simply share with him, so he wrote a statement, but at the same time he is trying to establish contacts with the Zelenski team and convince the new president to leave him in his place. of Ze through any possible ", – says the source.

However, one of the people close to Zelenski's team, in conversation with the "Earth", has expressed suspicion that the new president will appoint Turchinov as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

"It is repeated statements by Zelenski that he is in favor of restoring power. It is unlikely that Turchinov falls under this criterion, which has many questions about the surrender of Crimea in 2014 and on corruption programs, his close associate, Pashinski, it works, "the source said.

The head of the AP. Ivan Bakanov

Bakanov was born in Krivorog and a close friend of Vladimir Zelenski. He manages all companies in the quartn orbit. Including offshore, who recorded the entire business of Green.

The ultimate user of this empire of laughter is the Cypriot company Green Family Ltd, which is headed by the wife of Bakanova Oksana Lazarenko and Marina Razomova-Georgiou.

From 2 December 2017, Ivan Bakanov is the head of the Servi party. And in the 2019 elections, he led the headquarters of Vladimir Zelenski.

Bakanov at the Zelenski seat. BBC Photo

Bakanov has a son, Arthur, who has studied at the KNEU since 2014. Vadim Getman.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian Wikipedia states that Bakanov studied in Moscow. At the same time, Kiev University was named the Academy of Labor, Social Affairs and Tourism.

Previously, Bakanov accompanied Zelenski in Paris to meet with Emanuel Macron. He now has, either alone or with Green, meetings with foreign diplomats and experts.

For example, his photograph of the meeting with the ambassador of Norway.

SBU. The owner of the Crimean real estate Vladislav Bukharev

Bukharev – Lieutenant General of the Security Service of Ukraine in the ranks of the parliamentary faction of Batkivshchina. The fact that he was offered to assume the post of head of the "office" of the media has already been reported (Zelenski and Buharev are very familiar for a very long time).

Silovik worked in the SBU from 1992 to 2007. After that, he became the head of the tax police during the premiere of Yulia Tymoshenko.

He returned to Ukraine's Security Service in 2014 under Valentine Nalyaychenko, becoming his first deputy. However, a few months later he lost this post and became a special task officer.

Vladislav Bukharev

In the parliamentary elections of 2014, he was elected according to the lists of "Batkivshchyna" and left the Security Service of Ukraine.

What's in it. In a statement by Vladislav Bukharev, there is more than 100 meters apartment in Kiev, purchased in 2005, and a parking spot.

The spouse of the People's Deputy House of 700 square meters in the village of Vyshenki near Borispol, bought nine years ago. In the same place, Elena Bukhareva owns plots of 2500 and 600 square meters.

In Kiev, the family of the future head of the SBU has another huge apartment of 200 square meters, shot for daughter Julia. The cost of this facility, purchased in April 2018 – 14 and a half million UAH.

Also, the daughter has an apartment and land plot in Zuzime near Kiev.

The Bukharev family has a lot of real estate in the Crimea. Large plot (800 sq. M.) In Semidor near Alushta and 80 meters apartment in Livadia (Yalta) are registered for my wife.

The People's Deputy has three hours: Breget, Girard-Perrega and Hublé. The family also has four cars: Bukharev himself rides on Lexus and Land Cruiser.

On the foreign accounts, Elena Bukhareva, the wife of the People's Deputy, has about half a million dollars.

I bought an apartment in the middle of ATO. Oleg Kozlovsky

If Vladislav Bukharev did not find most of the events in Donbass as a SBU employee, the second candidate for the post of head of department, Oleg Kozlovsky, in this sense is a real hawk.

From March 2015 to 2018, when the ATO was transformed into environmental protection, Kozlovsky was the head of the Lugansk Regional Security Service of Ukraine.

Since September last year, on the eve of the election process, Kozlovski became the head of the Operational Support Department of the National Police (something like intelligence in the police).

And in January he is already deputy chief of police. He was appointed there by Arsen Avakov. In a statement, the department said that thanks to a department created by Kozlovski, many frauds in the 2019 election were warned.

It is, in all likelihood, that Kozlovsky was hired to fight # grid.

Oleg Kozlovsky

And, perhaps, for these services he has become one of the two candidates for the post of SBU head of Zelenski, who was able to win, including because of the break up of the grid by the National Police.

What's in it. In the statement, the "priest" policeman has a large – 140 square meter apartment in Kiev, which Oleg Anatolievich bought on January 1, 2015, in the midst of fierce battles for Donetsk Airport.

The same day he bought a house in the White Church – this is his hometown – of 77 square meters. A year later he bought a small parcel.

In 2017, the wife of Kozlovsky, Olga, bought another apartment in Kiev – and also a large one hundred-meter apartment for almost three million hryvnia.

A police officer rides a vehicle on the Acura MDX off-road, and also owns the old Zhiguli.

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