Sunday , October 24 2021

Google decided on beta testing of the Android operating system


The ability to install the beta version of Android Q will not only cause the owners of Google smartphones and brands near the search giant, but also many other devices that have nothing to do with the Android One program. Reports on this AndroidAuthority theme for representatives of the search giant. According to the publication, access to the program of early access to Android Q will be open to all smartphones with support for the modular Project Treble architecture.

The Project Treble architecture that lets you separate high-level software from low-level software that depends on processor manufacturers will allow you to distribute Android Q beta distribution on all compatible smartphones. In this way, Google will be able to get closer to Apple, which does not limit access to ready updates for anyone, by distributing the appropriate profile to everyone.

Beta Android Q

Despite Google & # 39; s plans to run a really mass beta program, it's quite difficult to implement it from a technical point of view, says a programmer who was talking to AndroidAuthority. To do this, the search giant will have to make the operating system software package as easy as possible to encourage third party vendors to begin customizing it for proprietary devices.

Google has taken a major step this year to popularize the program for early access to Android updates. In particular, the company has attracted to testing smartphone owners, coming out under the auspices of Android One, opening them a chance to experience innovation in the future iteration OS long before the official launch. Unfortunately, some Android 9 Pie features still – probably due to technical limitations – remain exclusive to Google Pixel devices.


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