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Gloria Kaminska divorces her husband

Gloria Kaminska divorces her husband


The reason for pair interruption is not reported.

The songwriter of the group "Ne Angeli" Glava Kaminska is divorced by her husband by plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminski. Information about the divorce appeared in the list of works in place of the Podolsky district court of the city of Kiev. The meeting is scheduled for 9:15 am on Wednesday, June 12th.

At the meeting on the occasion of several divorce will be held on June 12 Photo:

The reason for the interruption of the couple is not reported, but judging by the information listed on the website, the plaintiff is the husband of the singer Edgar. The spouses themselves do not make any comments.

Earlier in the "Morning Conspiracy" program, Slava stated that her family was constantly facing a crisis in relations.

– The crisis takes place 3, 5, 7 and, in my opinion, 12 years. Here, they say, somehow happens even at a hormonal level. Well, we grew up in different families. We have different characters, Edgar is calm, I'm faster. What is normal for me is not normal for him. What is absolutely abnormal for me, he experiences it normally. In every family, it seems to me, in which there are toes, another plus in living together, everyone had such situations, "Kaminskaya said.

According to the singer, she should make concessions and compromises in the family.

In autumn 2017, the couple were to hold a family photo session for the Viva Magazine, but Edgar did not come to her.

– We had an argument with him, and he decided that he would stay with his mother to spend the night. I wrote SMS, that shooting will not come. I do not know, maybe this is youthful maximalism or there is not enough wisdom in it, for example. Or maybe I decided to make it uncomfortable – then Glory explained the work of the husband.

Glory and Edgar were married in July 2016. The couple has two children – five-year-old Leonard and four-year-old Laura.


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