Saturday , April 17 2021

General Motors' future cars can get airless tires

General Motors and Michelin reported that they are cooperating in the development of airless rubber technology. The companies have already presented the fruit of cooperation – airless tires Uptis (The only system for tire loss), which will be tested on electric vehicles Chevrolet Bolt.

General Motors

Uptis (Single tire loss-free system, translated as "single tire pneumatic system") includes an external protector and a soft edge, among which are "slings" made of a composite rubber compound and polymeric fiberglass. According to MichelinUptis is an important step towards the implementation of the Vision concept introduced in 2017. General Motors plans start testing tire prototypes in real terms later this year on Bolt electric vehicles in their fleet of Michigan.

General Motors

The technology for the insane tire is used by the Michelin Tweel tires, which were introduced in 2005. Later, the company began selling such tires – for use in construction and agricultural machinery.

General Motors

GM expects that in case of successful testing of Uptis, the airless tires will begin to be used on passenger cars by 2024.

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