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Forecast for the victory of the Eurovision-2019, betting in Ukraine

Bookmakers put our country on the eighth line

Ukraine in TOP-10 at Eurovision-2019, according to forecasts Photo:

Ukraine in the Top 10 of the Eurovision-2019, according to the forecast


Ukraine won the eighth line in the top 10 likely winners of Eurovision-2019 according to bookmakers. Judging by the timetable published on the website of the European Song Contest, on January 23, Ukraine moved from 21 to 8th position.

Graph of changes in the ranking and the place of Ukraine at the top of the official Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Photo: eurovisionworld

Experts note that these changes can be related to participation in the national selection of the singer MARUU (real name Anna Korsun), who replaced her unexpectedly refused to participate in the National Eurovision 2019 selection, Tatiana Reshetnjak (TAIANA), which became known on January 22 .

Rating of countries according to predictions of bookmakers at official Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Photo: eurovisionworld

MARU has recently released on YouTube new lyrics for the song "For You", created in collaboration with Turkish DJ Farouk Sabanci. Network users have left very flattering reviews, and even began to predict the victory of the actress in the National Choice and the high praise of European critics.

Recall that the leading model of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, which will take place from 14 to 18 May in Israel, will be the Israeli model Bar Rafaelelli and showman Erez Tal. Already on February 9, the national Eurovision-2019 competition starts in Ukraine. The leader, traditionally, will be Sergei Primula. Earlier it became known what countries will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.



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