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Football time. Who made Liverpool the last of the Kings of England ᐉ UA-Soccer

This week marks the 29th anniversary of Liverpool's last championship. It was before the formation of the Premier League, when Manchester United at Ferguson was not great, and Chelsea and Manchester City were still not considered top clubs.

At that time, mersysaydtsy were the main club in England, who during the 70's and 80's won 11 championship titles and triumphantly won the Cup of Champions four times. But everything on earth ends. And the Swan Song in the most successful in the history of the "red" era, which was presented to the whole world by Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish, was exactly the last Liverpool title today.

Today in the category we remember the championship team, highlighting the key figures. Grobelaar, Barrows, Heissen, Barnes, McMahon, Rosenthal – these players were the core of the historic for the "red" team, who last took the gold for the club. But there were still those who sat in the memory of the Kopn much stronger. Those who were the charisma of the golden collective.

Alan Hansen

"This is a prototype of the quality of the work of the central defender's ball, in which every scout of the Merseyside Club is equal," writes "Telegraph" once for the captain of the Reds. The Scot, who spent his entire mature career (14 years) in Liverpool and finished there, in the 89/90 season helped Liverpool's defense to become the league's best – only 37 missed him. Until now, the last captain mersisaydtsev who picked up the title champion.

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His exclusiveness is confirmed by the fact that after his career, Alan was well accustomed to the world of the media. In particular, he worked as an expert on Sky TV and in the cult program of the competition on the day of the air force. It was on MOTD that Hansen said his famous "You Will not Win Anything With Children" to pledge Manchester United to graduates of the Class 92 Classroom Academy. Similarly, one of the most negative forecasts in football history. But that's another story.

Ian rush

One of the greatest scorers in the history of the Reds, who still ranks first in his list. Like Hansen, Rush in the last title season directly influenced Liverpool to be the best. Namely, the most effective team of draw.

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The Welshman can still be seen at Anfield's stands – he is the ambassador of the Merseyside Club. And he, too, as a reminder, according to which indicator it is necessary to assess all the progresses that pass through the team. However, after all, in particular, Rush is the hero of Anfield in the Merseyside derby: Ian is the record-keeper in the number of goals in the opposition of Liverpool and Everton (25 goals).

Kenny Dalglish

King Anfield, whose honor is named for one of the stadium stadiums. Legend for the club and as a player, and as a coach. Such a great man for the whole of Britain, who was awarded the Order of the Knights last November. After that, King Kenny won the "Sir" title, becoming at the same level as Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton.

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Dalglish is the last coach to take the title to Liverpool. From 1985 to 1991, he worked as "red" as a coach for playing – so his career as a striker, "Liverpool" smoothly entered the career of a team mentor. Not as a title like Paisley, not as recognizable as Shankly (everyone knows Bill's view that football is more important than life and death). But extremely respected. The last of the championship trophies in hand.

These three are the symbols of the last Liverpool champion. Do you think there are such figures in the current Red Team?

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