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Flashmob for Rossi in Lugansk disappointed set

Ukrainian journalist Roman Shimbalik vысмеял propaganda action in the subcontrol terrorist Lugansk for affiliation with the Russian Federations.

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"What a de-facto thing in Rossi. That's it. What a final one. It gave me no idea. Another Rossi in the TV, all in Russia. In a nutshell – What a life and fresh air", – he wrote.

Rally in Lugansk

Rally in Lugansk

Get dressed

"Conquerors" conquered the region of the bureau and the factory. But do not disperse – mutual commentary hour … " – obtained a journalist.

I recite, in the comments emoji, that the rally has been canceled. Nokotryh polzovateley remembered the action in Lugansk.

Remember, the central slabs of Lugansk are in the inscription: "Мы хотим в Россию". As a separatist resource, the practice of stocking around 2 residents per year.

Writing as OBOZREVATEL, Hearing Safety Service Ukraine has taken over the lines of the Donbasse Bыvsego Terrorist Battalion "Zarya" from the "LNR", a hotel in the Donetsk region.

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