Thursday , January 21 2021

Everyone knows: the heart of the legendary actress stopped

Legendary Swedish actress Bibi Anderson has died. She was the muse of famous director Ingmar Bergman.

For the heavy loss, said actress Christina Olofson's girlfriend.

"Today I was informed about the death of Bibi Anderson. I was very upset and shocked by the news," she said.

Thus, it became known that on Sunday, April 14, at the age of 83, actress Bibi Anderson died. It is known that in 2009 she suffered a severe stroke. After that, she was in the hospital for the elderly until her last days.

Bibi Anderson worked at the Malmère Theater under the direction of Ingmar Bergman. She received the greatest popularity of the films "The Seventh Seal," "Strawberry Cancer", "Face", "Persona". During her life, she played in 11 films by legendary director Ingmar Bergman.

For her acting, she won many awards. Among them, the Cannes Film Festival award for the best female role. And the silver bear he received at the Berlin Film Festival.

Anderson also played in several Soviet films. These are the films "On Love" and "Man on the Other Side". She also worked with such directors as Marco Belokio, Robert Altman, John Huston.

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