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Elections in the second round on November 22 in Lvov, Dnipro, Poltava, Nikolaev, Uzhgorod, Cherkasy, Slavyansk – turnout, voting, all details

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On Sunday, November 22, 11 cities in Ukraine voted in the second round of mayoral elections. In particular, today the inhabitants of Dnipro, Nikolaev, Lvov, Poltava, Rovno, Cherkasy, Uzhgorod, Slavyansk, Berdyan, Drohobich and Nikopol made their final choice.

Recall, the second round is held in cities where none of the candidates for mayor received more than 50% of the vote.

One week ago, on November 15, the second round was held in seven cities of Ukraine. The results and details of the vote a week ago can be found here. Then, according to Opora, it was 23.9% of the stock. In 2015, turnout during re-voting was 34%.

We remind you of the results of the October 25 vote here. Turnout in the October 25 election was 37%, which is significantly lower than in 2015.

We remind you that the polling stations will be open from 8.00 to 20.00. We have already discussed voting rules in the context of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic here.

About the powers of mayors, local council deputies and councils, described in detail here.

How the voting went


20:31 p.m. EXIT-POL “SOCIS” CORRECTLY: SHAKIRZJAN – 50.94%, THIRD – 46.03%.

8:15 p.m. EXIT-POL “SOCIS” ON DNEPR. Filatov – 78.75%, KRASNOV – 18.2%.



19:11. In Lviv, Opera records voters’ attempts to vote without a passport.

5:57 p.m. According to Opora, the turnout as of 16:00 was 22.5%.

5:18 p.m. In Uzhgorod, a voter wanted to vote by showing documents in the Diya application. The members of the commission refused to give him a ballot.

16:19. At one of the polling stations in Berdyansk, Opora observers noticed a special voting booth for voters with disabilities and signs of viral illness.

15:43. As of 13:00, the total turnout in the elections was 12.70%. Information from the CEC.


3:15 p.m. In Lviv, commission members signed a protocol to count the votes before the election process was over. Police have opened criminal proceedings.

2:51 p.m. From Theivot in Lviv as of 13:00 it is 12.8%. In Drohobic – 11.45%. Support data.

14:21. “Dead souls” were also found in the Nikolaev elections.

13:58. In Nikolaev, as of 10:00 am, a record weak turnout was recorded – 3%.

13:44 Buses with thugs were recorded in Drohobic. According to police, there are about 100 thugs. They told police officers they would guard the polling stations and are journalists.

13:23. The turnout as of 12:00, according to Opora, is 9.7%.

13:09. In Nikolaev, a member of the election commission in the area from the current mayor came drunk to work.

12:40. At one of the polling stations, the thermometer of several voters showed a temperature of 32 degrees.

Committee of Voters of Ukraine

12:22. In Lviv and Drohobych, 18 polling stations suddenly lack ballot boxes or voting booths.

12:01 p.m. As of 9:30 a.m., the CEC has not reported any serious violations at polling stations.

11:54. At five polling stations in Nikolaev, Support supports the absence of ramps or ramps that are difficult to use.

11:33. In Rivne, one of the polling stations is not heated. People sit in clothes. And they complain that they can get sick after the elections.

Committee of Voters of Ukraine

11:07 p.m. The current mayor of Lviv, Andrei Sadovi, did not lose his passport this time. Photos from his page:


11:03. In Dnipro, one of the voters tore the ballot. And he managed to throw it in the urn. They decided not to call the police because the perpetrator had left the premises.

10:56 p.m. In Poltava, one voter refused to remove his identification mask. The reason is “the risk of disease and compliance with the law.”

10:35 p.m. At one of the polling stations in Dnipro, they found just such a voting booth. Right next to the window.

Facebook of the organization “Support”

10:31 p.m. IPhone is also played in Slavyansk. “Support” informs that the condition of the match is a selfie near the ballot boxes.

10:11. In Dnipro, a voter photographed a ballot. A protocol has already been drawn up against him.

9:57 p.m. And in Berdyansk, polling stations are marked with an iPhone drawing. Police have already launched an investigation.

9:55 p.m. In Rivne, according to Opora, there are not enough trash cans and booths on the sites.

9:53. “Opora” informs that in Poltava, the members of the election commissions in the districts receive an SMS with an appeal not to go to the polls.

9:51. During the day, police received more than 60 statements and messages regarding election irregularities. 3 criminal proceedings have been opened.

9:48. In Dnipro, they decided to fight the low turnout. Today, according to local media reports, the minibuses will be free all day for all voters.

9:43. The second round of elections in 11 cities officially started almost 2 hours ago. Polling stations are open.

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