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Dance Dance Party 2019: The Trivamirovala Leggings – Details

One of the apprentices had cut her legs on a rehearsal project




August 25 is the start of a new season of the popular dance show "Dance Dance". You've got a design project in place, and what that means is that you have rehearsals. As soon as you do not wear a tram – the Ukrainian actress Victoria Bulitko has cut off her tram legs.

Look at the smileys, like paparazzi sneak up on Donny Craig after a half-leg injury:

Oh happened a bookstore project Dance Dance I stumbled across a page on Instagarm and shared footage of injured legs. I reckon that the landmarks have been cut off by the right legs, and they are dancing on the dance floor.

The screenshots out

"Excellent! Excellent! Surely a surgeon, then just look at my right leg. And what is in the middle of the floor and everything on the ground, in the back …"

Artistke nastolko больно, how to do it in self-esteem self-propelled machine. There are no tracks available for Victoria to perform in the first Showtime show.

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