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Coaching headquarters and coaching staff, and others – football.ua

President of Kiev Dynamo proclaimed apart from Alexandra Yatsevicha with a coaching staff.

Igor Surkis, photo Olga Herbitska

Igor Surkis, photo Olga Herbitska
August 19, 2019, 6:40 pm

After a scoreless tie against Brugge and the Champions League clash, President Dinamo Igor Surkis found a solution to top coach Alexandra Yackevicha.

"We have a conversation with him. He proposed to us, he said, not personally. He did not sleep at night. He told me. Scandal, em:" Alexander Nikolaevich In a molly trainer, it's your job to do the same thing in another command, "Surkis said in an interview Bulletproof.

President Dynamo nodded as the command did not produce any results, and it did not show a horoscope game.

"Result to play, play for free. In the last match between us, neither the game nor the result. Over and over again? We have no problem with the game.

Further coaching headquarters and offshore training

Surkis stramtsya, kitebы kiev kiev Dynamo was a dark club, confidently proceeding to the command of the Briggs. Old Command Trainer What to do without a smiley, then to work.

"My interest, in fact, still broke the season. Slow climbing football. Brugge head coach, I stole at the stadium with no validity, and my confidence was won. strategy and tactics, what not to do, and a coaching staff. Then a coaching staff head coach and coach, and others work. "

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