Thursday , November 21 2019
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Carroll delighted fans in a seductive way

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Carroll, who became the host of the "Dance with Zirks" show, amazed fans in a new, honest way.

She posed in a tight fitting red dress that highlighted every curve on her body. Carol posted relevant photos on her Instagram page.

In the comments, she explained that the luxurious dress belongs to the famous French brand Roland Muret, who is periodically used by Angelina Olli and Scarlett Johansson.

Fans were thrilled by Carroll's stylish image. "Divine", "Wow, and where are you so beautiful", "How do you like red", "This is what I understand style", "Class", the fans reacted.

As REFRESHTELLE previously announced, Carol recently showed seductive shots in another dress. The best thing was that beside the neckline there was a cut between the chest and the navel, exposing the singer's body.

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