Saturday , April 17 2021

Business insider ranked on the best smartphones / News /

The American edition of Business Insider ranked the top 20 smartphones in the world.

The first place on the list was made by OnePlus 6T from the same company. A smartphone went on sale in the autumn of 2018.

The announcement explains that it lacks many modern technological features of other devices – a waterproof super wide-angle or wireless charging lens. But, the device has a great look and performs all the basic functions of a smartphone (recording, application applications and fast charging) "too good". In addition, the device costs $ 550 – cheaper than other smartphones of the latest generation.

The Galaxy S10e is in second place from Samsung ($ 750, released in March 2019). Business Insider notes that this is the best gadget in terms of price-quality ratios between the latest Apple and Android smartphones with "great screen" and "superb camera".

The third Apple iPhone XR (released in the autumn of 2018, $ 750), for which the magazine calls the most favorable price in the line of the last three smartphones of Apple – because its features are generally similar.

Also in the top ten, ranking fourth in descending order were: Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL (both were six), Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (and two eighth) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X.

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