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Broke the bed for my head: Aliyev's ex-wife showed a video for beating

Former wife of Alexander Aliyev wants to forbid her husband to approach her and children in court. Tatiana Alieva said that her husband was beaten for eight years, despite the fact that the couple was divorced.

"If I disappear, it will be his hands, they are constantly threatened, I get kicked out of the apartment, where I am in. I just took my head and broke my bed on my head," the woman claims.

In the story, Tatiana showed a video of beating, and also listened to what threats she refers to her ex-husband. He says that Aliyev hit the last 7-year-old son, and with his 10-year-old daughter recorded an audio message:

"Remember, Alina, the mother is no longer," said the former footballer, and now the coach.

Alexander claims that the woman invents everything: "No one was beaten by anyone in my apartment The fact that I was driven out by force – yes, I pushed him outside The fact that I have a home is the property of the children – in my meritorious apartment, I give children, I will never have to give a penny in my life, there will be a court decision – the children will see the mother on Saturday and Sunday.

Psychologists say reconciliation in such a relationship is no longer possible. And it was necessary to immediately break with the rapist: "This is a painful relationship, interrelated with this aggression – some hits, someone suffers. Masochism is a pleasure to the pain."

On the fact of violence and beatings by Aliyev of his ex-wife, they started five criminal proceedings. The investigation continues, none of the cases came to the court.

Alexander and Tatiana were married in 2007, had two joint children: son and daughter. Also, Tatiana has a son of her first marriage to former footballer Roman Maximuyuk.

Recall that at the end of the year, Tatiana Alieva accused the player of drunkenness.


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