Wednesday , October 16 2019
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Bochkareva: Lying for Her Own Voice (video)

Actress Natalia Bochkarya continues to abuse her drug addiction, failing to disclose video to the police. Natalia has posted an Instagram account with the latest fanfare.

"Ladies, do you want to earn money, dissolve scandal, long for the sake of your own words and not ruin your artist? – the actress has gone.

Ranee facebook, which is 28th in Moscow on October Natalya Bochkarev staying in the car for less. Cadillac car, for roller coaster at Bochkareva, staying around for nights out for better driving. During the course of the study he found a package containing 0.69 grams of porcine mass. Consequently, after downloading the DVD, it was shown that cocaine was inhaled. In the unlikely event of a narcotic offense, it is unlawful to consume illegal foodstuffs, liquids, liquids, and laundry without the full scope of a narcotic drug in a large scale.

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