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BMW has cracked the X5 and X6

BMW has unveiled the X5 and X6

Photo: BMW

BMW has unveiled a new "cross-country" crossover

The company has introduced X5M and X6M in base loads and in Extreme Modifications Competition.

The BMW company has unveiled "ZARIAZENNY" variants of the X5 and X6 liter "M". "Goryachie" crossover representative in base loads and in Extreme Modifications Competition.

Both models are powered by a 4.4-liter V8 TwinPower Turbo engine, which is available in 600 lbs. and 750 Nm in basement fills and 625 hp. and 750 Nm in version Competition. The front end of the engine is rated at a maximum of 575 hp. and 750 Nm.

The standard X5 M extends up to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, at 0.3 km / h, with a steering wheel. Verissia Competition up to 100 in 3.8 s. You have been slow to reach the X6 M / X6 M Competition, but the X6 M Competition reaches 200 km / h: 13.2 seconds against 13.4 seconds in the X5 M Competition.

Maximum speeds are limited to 250 km / h (M Driver's Package – 290 km / h).

There are four M-versions of perenostrenuю adapativnu podveku, kotoraya pereklююaетetsya mezhdu neskolkмиmi modes from "Comfort" to "Sport Plus", and such name is Electromomechanics of Active Mode.

The standard display is provided with a projection display, and the center features are ventilated and lubricated, subassemblies cooling and cooling, panoramic braking, laser-guided light system and BMW luminous light system. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional (12.3-inch display panel and central screen with 12.3 inch screen) and personal assistant rendered the phrase "Hey BMW".

In-house X5 and X6 versions may be modified by a modified radiator grille, oil-free air bushings, aerodynamic bushing zircons, mounting brackets, mounting brackets and mounting systems.

The official launch of the BMW X5 M and X6 M consists of a console at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and will be available in April 2020 in car sales.

Orientation of european armchair base versions of crossover stout from 125 euro euros, Competiton versions – exemplary of 10 euro euros.

Remember, BMW has flown its own secret project, the Giant Pickup X7, over the service of the two-wheeler engineer.

BMW has shown itself to be the only one in the world

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