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Black-winged freaks and assholes: an American hockey player appreciated the beauty and mind of the Russians – news about hockey on the ice – USA

Russian women are either beautiful or terrible, the center does not exist. At the same time, Russian men do not differ in the taste and love of Ponte.

This opinion was expressed by the American hockey player Ryan Whitney, who previously spoke about HC "Sochi", writes "Soviet class.

"In Russia, women are either wonderful or full of dirty sore things, no intermediate ground, or they are disgusting, or real bombs, or Anna Kournikova, or a crazier with Chernobyl with three eyes," he said.

The American was surprised by the taste of Russian men.

"Yes, they have apartments the size of the bathroom, while driving Mercedes, everyone is disappointed Louis Vuitton and Gucci, they also wear Abercrombie & Fitch, there is a heavy brand that you can buy, and everyone wears it," we wore sports pants and T-shirts for seven thousand bucks in Sochi, but we wore our hair in a local hairdresser for 500 rubles, they looked like ktyrki, "said the hockey player.

Ryan Whitney

Ryan Whitney

Whitney played in the continental hockey league (KHL) in the 2014/15 season in Sochi. He also played in National Hockey League (NHL) clubs such as Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and Anaheim Dax. He is the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Vancouver (2010) in the USA team.

In October, Whitney and another former hockey player Paul Bissonnett introduced the Spittin & # 39; Chiclets podcast. Athletes on air without censorship discuss topics related to NHL and hockey.

According to OBOZREVATEL, a Canadian hockey player formerly renounced life in Russia.

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