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Bitcoin has hit 30% | Boil

Top news and quotes from major cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has fallen 30% daily

Bitcoin net has fallen sharply by 30% from 98.1 TH / s to 67.3 TH / s over the past day, returning to August values, according to This is the biggest reduction in hashtags in the Bitcoin network in the past six months. There is no exact reason for the fall of the hashtag, but there is an active discussion in the media about the fact that China has again played a key role in the fall of the ashram.

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange began trading on bitcoin

Second largest in Germany and ninth in Europe, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange announced the opening of a bitcoin trading site. Trading opened on the cryptocurrency division of the stock exchange, called the Digital Stock Exchange (BSDEX). Thus, BSDEX became the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Germany.

It is reported that the BSDEX is directly subject to regulatory requirements in accordance with Clause 2, Part 2 of the German Banking Act (CreditWest).

Kick will reject the messenger and focus on cryptocurrency

Managing Canadian messenger Kick Messenger will close the messenger and focus on the further development of his own sign – Keane. Kick Interactive CEO Ted Livingstone announced that the company is closing the messenger to focus entirely on its token shown in the lawsuit filed by Kick Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is also reported to reduce the number of Kick employees from 100 to 19.

Binance added Thesos to the list

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance added tezos (XTZ) to the cryptocurrency list. The exchange opened trading for the XTZ / BNB, XTZ / BTC and XTZ / USDT pairs today at 11:00 am UTC (2:00 pm Moscow).

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency at 18:00 is US $ 251 billion. Trading volume in 24 hours is $ 62.2 billion.

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) fell in the past day by -3.33% to $ 9 589.68.
  • Ether (ETH / USD) fell -8.09% to $ 192.82.
  • XRP (XRP / USD) fell -5% to $ 0.262.
  • Bitcoin Cash (EXANTE: Bitcoin.Cash) fell -7.03% to $ 283.30.
  • Litecoin (LTC / USD) fell -9.91% to $ 65.69.

The best growth in the first 100 cryptocurrencies showed: Energies (+ 14.40%).

Mining profitability

  • Bitcoin: $ 0.174 for 1 TH / s
  • Ether: $ 0.0157 for 1 MH / s
  • Bitcoin Cash: $ 0.186 for 1 TH / s
  • Litecoin: $ 1,626 for 1 GH / s
  • Dash: $ 0.0186 for 1 GH / s

Current ICO

The full list of current and expected IFCs can be found here.

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