Sunday , June 20 2021

Ani Lorak in Kiev shared a photo of the shooting of the blue light of Inter

Ani Lorak (photo:

Caroline starred in New Year's "blue fire" of "Inter"

Singer Ani Lorak, who now lives in Russia, arrived in Kiev.

As it became known, Karolina returned to Ukraine to shoot the New Year's "blue light" on the television channel Inter. The singer has already managed to share her photos from Instagram from the dressing room.

"We are preparing many surprises for you!" – the artist wrote under one of the photographs.

Ani Lorak in Kiev (photo:

Indeed, many netizens did not appreciate the images of Lorax, who recently ranked the sexiest women in Russia.

"It seems to me that she became ugly … Earlier, what was Lala, and her strong fate ate, she was lost, she got up, like everyone, to one person," wrote one user.

"While Kirkorov got up, everyone with sparks … Stop! It's not that age," another user said.

Earlier, Ani Lorak surprised his subscribers in an unexpectedly modest way.

Video: RBC-Ukraine


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