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"Anderlecht" pointed to Makarenko's door and wants to restore Mobkani – Our Abroad

"Anderlecht" – the most deserving club in Belgium, has become the main loser of last season's "Jupiler League." For the first time since 1956, he remained without the European Cup. In the championship, he took the unusual sixth place for him.

To prevent the repetition of such embarrassment, the new management of the club decided to resort to extremely unpopular, and sometimes only tough measures. After a significant reduction in the administrative, coaching and medical staff of the club, he came to the main team. Of the 46 players who have a professional contract with Anderlecht, it was decided to leave only 18 years.

The rest was divided into two groups. The former proved to be those who were directly pointed at the door, sincerely claiming they no longer need their services. The second group included players who during their time at the club for various reasons failed to prove their importance and need for Anderlecht. They were just politely told: "Of course, you can stay in the club, but no one will guarantee you that they will be in the main squad. Therefore, if you find a new club, you will not mind …"

It was in the second group that our compatriot Evgeni Makarenko showed. And nobody remembered that under the leadership of Hain Vanhezebruck, who invited the Ukrainian legionnaire to the club, he was long considered one of the best players of Anderlecht, and his duet with Trebel was recognized as the best toy package in the first round of the Jupiter League.

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According to many experts, Makarenko summed up the injury to Achilles, who for a long time beat Evgeny from the main team. And then, after recovery and rehabilitation, he was simply forgotten by the coach for jump and other global changes in the club. The local press only once flashed a message about the interest of Ukrainians from the Greek club, but the topic is not extended.

Today it is hard to guess what our compatriot will do: to stay up to the end of the deal at the club's club in Brussels or to ask for happiness in another championship. But, as you can, I want to believe that we will still see our Eugene Makarenko in its best football form.

As for Anderlecht, after returning to the club "Vancouver", it seems to be on the rise. Former Captain of Manchester City here will assign him the role of coach. And the new mentor of the club in Brussels has already been enacted by the same company from Manchester, Simon Davies. Prior to that, a specialist for ten years worked in the training group of the champion of England. Activates club capital and the transfer market. The company has already told the press that it will bring genuinely talented players to the club, in order for Anderlecht to regain its former glory. Well, in anticipation of this miracle, club managers still require much more realistic candidates. One of them is Diemersee Mbokani, a former striker for the Brussels team and Dynamo Kyiv. The striker has become an undisputed leader and best scorer in Antwerp in the past season. Negotiations with the 33-year-old Congo are already underway. Apparently, he refused to extend the contract for his current club. According to many experts, the only thing that can interfere with the transfer of Mbkani to Anderlecht is the financial appetite of the star striker.

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