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Although it counts on the head: with whom zodiac signs are the most difficult to agree


Signs of the zodiac: astrology
The most complex and the easiest signs of the zodiac /

Some people find it easy to find a common language: they are ready for a compromise, they do not look at each other and are open to the arguments of other people. However, there are those who can not engage in dialogue with them.

Astrologers believe that the case is here and on the day of birth of the person, that is, in his sign of the zodiac. Therefore, there are the most complex signs of the zodiac – and the simplest signs of the zodiac. In advance, both those and others, and invite you to the meeting.

The most difficult signs of the zodiac among women

Read alsoThe mind itself: women, under which signs of the zodiac are the most irresponsible Women from the Virgo. Particularly unbearable sign of the zodiac, are considered to be representatives of the opposite sex. Perhaps that is why so many old girls are among the women of this sign of the zodiac. Virgos are intelligent and intelligent, they have logical thinking. But proving everything to them in a dispute – especially for powerful people – is so difficult.

Female lion I'm sure she's always right. Sometimes you want to argue with them only as a rule. What's more, despite their sociability, the female Lions are unbelievable. Among the representatives of this sign are very few real friends – more buddies and ordinary friends who can sometimes suffer from the "lioness" conflict.

AND Koziorożecki too demanding towards others and very closed. Friends with them, like "lioness", not enough. The reason for this is their coldness and difficult nature. If a person, in their opinion, does not achieve high standards, then he does not take into account the opinions of such persons. This often leads to conflicts. And when dealing with the female Capricorn, the most important thing is to be able to stay in the first place. Otherwise, the quarrel threatens to stall, turning into too unpleasant consequences.

Read alsoBitchies and egoists: the most cynical signs of the zodiac have become knownScorpio women they often have so-called masculine character traits: they are decisive, bold and rather commercial. Conflicts with them often erupt due to the fact that Scorpio women rarely listen to the advice of other people, prefer to focus on their own judgment and prove their point of view to the last. In addition, "scorpions" are very suspicious, so an argument can break out of a completely harmless, imaginary reason. The most important thing here is to explain Scorpio, what exactly you meant.

The most difficult signs of the zodiac: men

Male cancers very jealous. What's more, when dealing with them, it is worth remembering a small paradox: in front of unknown people, Raki try to look better than they are, but as soon as they start to consider a person as "their own", they begin to waste time:. This, in turn, is compensated by Rak's willingness to help at any time – but does not rule out conflicts because of certain plans that have been frustrated.

Read alsoAstrologers said which of the signs of the zodiac is the wisest and which is quite the oppositeMen Pisces induce a desire to communicate, trust them because they are always ready to listen and seem sympathetic. However, Pisces have an unpleasant trait: if someone complains them not to difficult life situations / global injustices / their superiors, but to their mistakes, then in the risk of listening, instead of words of support and consolation: "Well, how could you?" Experience / mind – and such a mistake! "- it only adds fuel to a fire in a difficult situation. At the same time, Pisces is often mistaken for others: it means that someone else, according to their conviction, is a priori guilty. This attitude is a serious test for friendship. What's more, the representatives of this sign are great, emotional owners. Periodically there may be a desire to break away from their friendship.

Thanks People from Aquarius always interesting. People are extraordinary and social. But at the same time a loving freedom and an impatient lie and jealousy. If he suspects that they want to quit, he is often the first who not only tears, but also cut off all relations. And again make contact – almost unreal. In addition, representatives of this sign are rather impulsive, and sometimes even arrogant. With them you can build relationships only when you sincerely respect such a man and fully share his views.

Read alsoUnder what sign of the zodiac are the most beautiful women and men bornMale archers in communication a bit crazy and, perhaps, too simple. They do not tolerate trying to impose something on them (in relationships or in business), but they are not opposed to helping people to manipulate. Even their honesty is often just a way of manipulation, because such arguments are the most effective and penetrating. They are funny and intelligent people, so it's nice to communicate with them – but such communication sooner or later requires a compromise and dedication from a partner. And you must be prepared that you can be used in the dark – with the best motifs. In connection with the Sagittarius man, he will become an unlikely couple.

After talking about the most unbearable signs of the zodiac – go to the most pleasant.

The lightest signs of the zodiac

They were in the first place weights. This, however, is not surprising because it is a sign of harmony and balance. They are not only usually offset by themselves, but also strive to balance people around them. They strive for harmony in everything. In addition, practically born diplomats. In conflicts, they act more often as judges than as one of the parties.

Read alsoWhich sign of the zodiac attracts money. On the second place – Aries. They are not vindictive and rarely get angry or insulted for a long time. They are open to everything new and for dialogue. Even if they are 100% hypocritical, the representatives of this sign will continue to listen to the other side, and if they are sufficiently valid and convincing, they admit their mistakes without unnecessary ambitions.

The three lightest signs of the zodiac Twins. These people are very active and full of temperament, but it's easy to communicate with them. They are optimistic and always open to communication. They are never boring, and in a difficult situation Gemini is always ready to throw himself to the rescue. They cut and love to disturb. However, it is precisely because of their desire to care for everything and everyone (especially those who are worse than them at the moment) that captivate the people around them, giving rise to gratitude and resolving the conflict at an early stage.

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And the four signs of the zodiac stars promise not the best month. They are waiting for unexpected errors and holes in the details.

In this case, the first half of November will not be very favorable. According to the astrologer, from November 6, the danger of some confrontation, social unrest increases.

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