Wednesday , August 4 2021

A capsule with an asteroid 300 million kilometers away from us found in Australia – photo – news from Ukraine

The probe capsule of the Japanese aerospace research agency Hayabusa-2, which contains rock samples from the asteroid Ryugu, landed in Australia. About this in Twitter Reported by the Australian Space Agency.

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The capsule fell on the Vumera test site, located near the city of the same name in South Australia.

Hayabusa-2 was launched from a spaceport in Japan in 2014 to collect specimens of the asteroid Ryugu, located 300 million kilometers from Earth. Ryugu is a class C asteroid that may contain elements of the primordial state of the solar system.

The probe arrived at the asteroid in 2018. The study lasted a year and a half, and the mission itself lasted 2182 days.

Vladislav Serdyuk

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