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61-year-old Sharon Stone has been stripped of the magazine (photo) "Russian Jew

May 9, 2019

"I can compete with 30-year-old women," said the famous actress and showed her in practice.

61-year-old American actress Sharon Stone became the heroine of the May issue of the Portuguese magazine Vogue. And as it turns out she has something to show. The woman remained on top, despite her age.

In the new photo, a celebrity in the water is almost naked. On the body of Kamen, only a black shirt that does not cover the charm of the actress. Keep in mind that the star is in great shape and does not look at her age at all.

Sharon Stone Photo:

In an interview with Sharon, she talked about the difficulty in acting.

When I first started working in the industry, the study leaders used the word "fuckable" to assess whether you are good enough to get a role. They sat down at the table and talked about who is really elastic. They said it was not enough, "complained the celebrity.

Sharon Stone Photo:

Also, the actress noted that women are not respected in the cinema and are more difficult to build a career.

Frankly, women are not shown as they really are. Most films are written by men, created by men and reflected in a male aspect. They do not think about what women can be, how we think, what we feel. That's why many of my characters are drunk or addicted or crazy all the time, "Stone explained.

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